About Us

Welcome to Afrimax Uganda Ltd.  We are a newly launched ISP offering quality 4G wireless broadband Internet services to companies and households in Kampala. In future we will extend our network and service to other parts of the country.

We are part of the larger Afrimax Group with ISP operations in other African countries.


To use our service customers need to buy a modem and subscribe to a monthly service plan.



Typical Uses Price (ex VAT)
USB Household or SME with
single PC
on request
Indoor Household or SME with multiple PC on request
outdoor Larger company or remote location on request


Monthly Service Plans


Speed Data Cap* Price (ex VAT)
Silver 256k none on request
Gold 512k none on request

* subject to Fair Use Policy

If your company has a higher speed requirement please contact our sales staff and they will prepare a tailored quotation for you.